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My name is Michal (born 25/03/1992). I'm a gay man, I live in Poland. Before asking question I'll explain my situation On February of 2014 I met a guy on some random language course that is not even connected to the subject of my studies. And I felt an immidiate connection like I've never did in my life before. He laughed at my jokes , always blushed around me (and as I observed only me) sometimes he would "accidentally" rub his arm around me and stuff. Hovewer when I was trying to flirt a bit more directly I quickly noticed that he was very much ashamed of his feelings for me because we are both guy. Yet we had this great connection till June. Than our contact broke but luckily he had birthday on July 23 so I send him the most heartfelt wishes and after talking we decided to meet for a beer couple of days later. And then I was desperate to confess my feelings and sadly during our talk when I tried to approach the subject he wouls shut down. So i told him bluntly. But I wasn't trying to rush things or force him to anything I just wanted to know for sure and I asked him to be honest and he denied everything (in the very unconvincing way suddenly talking about some "girlfriend" he never mentioned before) And after that our contact broke. Next day I just wrote him a message apologising and deleted him from friends on Facebook (which now I think was a mistake) I then fell into unbelievable depression that I got out only with big dose of meds. And I contacted a psychic for the first time. She was good but I quickly lost contact with her. What she managed to tell me was that he and I needed some time apart to work through our issues but we were destined to run into each other again and had a chance for the beautiful love between us. I was relieved after that but soon I lost hope and tried to get him out of my mind by flirting with others and being busy. but it didn't work out as he was coming back even in my dreams. So I realized I could not fight my feelings and was confused as to how to get this thing going again. And then suddenly like 2 week ago after almost a year we sort of run into each other however we didn't get a chance to talk. I think he may have noticed me and quickly turn away. Generally he is a tech guy intrested in robots and mechanics but has some problems with expressing emotions. I contacted him again during his next birthday but he rejected me, I feel he is still afraid. His name is Marcin (23/07/1993) My question is: Do we have a chance for the relationship in the future/is it meant to be?  Thank you in advance for responding.

Dear Michal,

My first feeling is that you won't have a full, loving relationship with Marcin -- at least not right away -- because he feels so far behind you in terms of accepting this side of himself; I do feel he is interested, but he also enjoys excitement, the feeling of something "new," the chase, as it were; he feels more malleable, changeable, not as constant in his affections as you are.

I feel like you are of a rational mind -- even analytical, and that you make good decisions about people because you use your intuition. You're writing to me because something's "off" about this relationship; if you were certain of his feelings, of course you wouldn't need to seek advice because your intuition is spot-on and would "tell you" for certain that he feels one way or another.

I don't like to give news that is unwelcome, and of course I may certainly be wrong, but I feel he's just not ready now (nor may ever be) to embrace that part of himself as fully as you can. I know it's disappointing. But it is more hurtful to keep hoping he will change and make yourself miserable in the meantime.  

Again, I really do feel he's been sincere with you to the best of his ability -- and that he does harbor feelings for you, but they just don't feel as though they run as deeply as yours for him. At the same time, I don't feel you should "make yourself" forget him altogether, unless it just hurts too much not to have a reciprocal love. If he were a pot on the stove, I'd put him on "simmer," if that makes sense. Don't cross him out of your life totally, but also don't halt your life to wait for him to come around.

Some reason I keep seeing a purplish-coloured scarf, tie, or something one wears around the neck or head area, and I don't know if that's you or Marcin; it feels crisp, like linen fabric, and there's a lot of solid black around it -- again, very starched, crisp, clean, well-fitted, like a plain black shirt that someone wears a great deal -- kind of expensive-looking, very nice. No clue what this means, if anything, but there it is.

Also someone here (I'm assuming Marcin) keep his lips literally together and presses his mouth closed, indicating that he is more private than you may realise, and he can be a workaholic -- someone (again, hard to discriminate who's who here) has a strong sense of control but an inner volcano that will erupt when provoked enough, and works in areas surrounding something to do with mining, singing, writing, teaching, speaking, delving into/researching in some capacity.

To get back your main question, though, I feel like there is a sense of the dramatic in you because you are so deeply intense; he doesn't share this intensity; he's more "surface." Also feel there's something about "the spotlight" with you, as in being a public person, working as an actor or in that field, or you may know actors, raconteurs, etc. I feel certain that, though your feelings for Marcin are valid and true and good, you will without a doubt meet someone with whom you can share your life -- look for those with the initials M, D, or T, or who are Cancer (sun or moon sign).

I know this isn't what you wanted to hear, but I hope it helped at least a little -

Bright blessings,


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