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Can you please describe how men find me generally as a person? And how do women find me generally? As per me women dislike me for various reasons generally while men are attracted to my physical self and nothing beyond that. In a way I am very disappointed in people generally because I don't find good enough reasons to stick around or I am being pushed away in one way or another. I just want to understand myself from both the perspectives, men and women, and also if there is anything I should be adding and deleting from my behavior to be able to find common ground with them so I can be comfortable in their company....I usually feel left out, and I feel it strongly very often!!My DOB is 15th of October 1984.

Dear Sanya,

I feel like you keep apologising to people or even to yourself for things that aren't worth an apology. You're being too hard on yourself; if you avoid all pretense and just BE YOU, forgetting everyone else in the world, you'll be fine. I also feel you go around forgiving people as a way to sort of win their trust or approval; that's not necessary. You're tying yourself into all kinds of knots!

I have a sense that you tend to wear different masks for different types of people, and they sense this as a superficiality. You're trying too hard to please people. Everyone wants to be adored, but you have a way of putting it out there that throws people off because they sense it's in some way insincere; you're trying to "fit in" too much.

Men find you very attractive, sensuous, sexual, charming, and you seem to like them to dote on you and be the center of attention, but you deserve that; I have a feeling you think you don't. This self-esteem problem might be what's keeping them from respecting you and not seeing beyond the physical.

Women ARE jealous of you because you are so graceful and lovely, and you have that natural charm and wit that disarms them, makes them feel "less than," so they shut you out. Best bet here is to focus on your humor, and to be able to laugh at yourself and kind of be looser, more at ease with who you are, and not so worried about how you present yourself.

I have a lot of "luxury" around you in some way; a boat, love for sailing, an upscale kind of condo or home and a lot of beautiful art; I don't know if this is literally around you or on your wish list, but it's definitely in your energy; you have a creative, artistic streak, but you tend to scatter your energy and not quite finish projects in that area. You're very innovative and have solid business ideas, but you can't seem to anchor them because you're too focused on the "outer" instead of your inner self, and I feel like you get involved in too many things, thus causing more "surface" energy instead of narrowing yourself to a few specialties, which would intensify and deepen your outlook and behavior.

Who cares about what other people think? You come first, and in many ways, you do put yourself first, but it comes across as though you're superficial, follow fads, or are too "bedazzling" maybe with jewelry or clothes. Don't pay so much attention to trends and fads, listen to your inner self and get rid of whatever feels "surface," and really meditate on this.

If you can, stay farther away from the water and closer to the Earth; even just lean against a tree in the grass or leaves to gain some INTERNAL POWER -- that's what you're missing, and it took me five paragraphs to find out! :) I really think that's the crux of everything; you don't "know yourself" as well as you think; also, see in your mind how you would react if YOU "met" you -- what's your first impression? Where do you see flaws? What would make you keep a slight distance? Name those things, write them down, and see what you come up with.

This is about self-exploration, but it requires digging, and you must have the wisdom and the tenacity to do it. You seem quite sincere and hopeful, so I believe you can work through these little blockages.

Bright Blessings,

Thank you for writing, and good luck! It's better when everything ISN'T perfect.  


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