Alexis Jan 5 1979. Will I have children.

Dear Alexis,

I don't usually answer these kinds of questions, because it's related to a medical issue, as in "will I get pregnant," which I just don't like to answer, because there are so many variables with that beyond what I can say vs. a physician can tell you.

Do you want children? I have a sense that you're trying to put it off and may not really have that inner "pull" women speak about, when they get "broody" and seem to want children; I don't pick that up from you. But that could change in the future; I just don't get it now, and I don't feel a traditional "family unit" is particularly important to you.

So, I can't really answer it, but if pressed, I'd say no, you don't seem to need that in your life to feel whole, etc. Many don't. There's a strong independent streak about you, and you're very headstrong, seem to know what you want -- but if you're trying to convince others that you really don't want them, there's no point. Ask yourself first, and whatever you decide is your choice alone; it has nothing to do with anyone else whatsoever. Don't let people pressure you either way; that's the main thing.

I hope that helps.

God's Blessings,


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