Hi Ashley,

Can you tell me about my future with Amit? My name is Monika and date of birth is 6/19/1984 and his is 7/12/1979.He travels for work and we are not currently in touch but I want to meet in future.

We are good friends but because of some misunderstanding in the past we lost touch with each other "deliberately". What do you see for our future? Is there any hope of reconnecting the way we did in the past? What to expect from this friendship with him? Will there be a reconciliation in future?

Hi monika, sorry for the late reply. I'm having some issues with my internet connection. I do see that you and Amit connect well together and I see that you and him are meant to reconnect in the future and that there is some things you and him need to accomplish with each other. He is not your soulmate but the connection is still there and you are compatible like I said, there is something the two of you are meant to accomplish together so that is why he is in and out of your life. I do feel that you and him will reconnect and I also feel that you and him have the potential to be in a serious relationship. You just need to not give up be patient and stay strong and positive. Things will turn in the right direction, I hope that I was able to shed some light on your situation and I wish you all the best.

Best Regards, Ashley


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