Hi Sherpherdess,

I m going through a lot of unfavourable/ unpleasant changes at work place.All my hard work seems to have gone waste. Pls. advise me on this. Dob is 8 Apr 87. Thanks !

Dear Hamsini,

Nothing has gone to waste! You will learn from this change. It feels like someone made a mistake or bad decision, and this reflects on you and affects you, but it's not an end. It's merely a change, a transformation, which is always uncomfortable because that requires readjustment to a new set of circumstances.

I feel like you'll benefit from this because you're what I call an "idea person"; something in research,  are you in the fields of science or medicine -- and has information either stopped or been lost in some way -- it will be tricky for a while, but you'll regain order from what is left over. A new system, a challenge that will be more efficient, more creative, even.

If you don't write, I feel you'd do well to put your thoughts to paper or screen; it's a very healing way to disperse of any negativity, and you have a unique knack for words, for a turn of phrase, even some kind of poetry that might seem offbeat to others but that appeals to you.

You do handle money well, and I don't feel you'll ever face desperate or lean, risky times because you're naturally frugal and steady that way.

If this shake-up at work has to do with someone else, you're making it much worse than it actually is. I keep feeling like you need to hold on to the reins of what feels like a bucking horse, because he will settle down, and the dust and "uproar" will settle, and whatever reorganisation has to take place will benefit you in the end. Hang on like you're riding that horse; I don't feel you falling.

Good luck and God's blessings,

Thank you for writing.  


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