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Hello Genna, hope you're enjoying your weekend! My name is Racheli, female. My DOB is: 2nd, January, 1985, 10:00 am, Israel, Tel Aviv. I'd like to consult with you regarding my love life, which seems to be stuck. When am I likely to have a serious and a long term relationship? as I've dated so many men and nothing seems to work out. Feel free to share with me honestly and openly everything you perceive!

Hi there,

- Thank you for writing in. My weekend is going great, and I thank you.

I see that you feel at a standstill at this moment, and you are unsure about what is to come. You are going to have a serious and long term relationship. And this is going to happen, beginning in February/March of year 2016. I am truly seeing next spring being positive in your romantic life. I am seeing someone rather handsome, and he has good looks. He is light haired, almost golden blond, nice round bright brown eyes, nice smile, white teeth, and he is really handsome. I see he is a August/Leo birth sign. I am being shown the name of Mike or Michael. But, Mike comes in strongest. And I see he is very gentle, a very giving and caring person as well. I just see a great relationship for you, and it will last a long time.



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