hi my name christina birthday may 12 1974 my question is will i ever find a good man to setttle down with ty

Dear Christina,

Yes, if you can avoid patterns in your relationships; feels like there are repetitious mistakes you keep making, like choosing the same kind of person (who isn't always the best for you). Also, hearing a "Leo" will be good for you, and don't give up, though you really seem to have already done so; at least keep your mind and heart open. I hear Eric or Erica, but an "E" name is strong, also something about "Star" -- name of a pet or a pet name, not sure.

You'll meet this persona among a group of friends, and you won't notice him immediately as being "the one"; he's one of those types who "grow on you," as they say. Are you in some kind of community project or involvement or a club or an association, just anything where people of like mind congregate? If so, those are the places to keep your eyes peeled and your instincts sharp. He'll come to you, anyway. I hear a year, 18 months, or the 18th of a month may be significant.

Are you the "light of the party" -- I say light, because I feel you bring a certain artistry to things and to people; you bring joy, creativity, imagination, and WIT! You're sharp, but don't let your humour get too sarcastic; it can cut people sometimes when you don't realise it.

Also hear Bill. NO idea on that. Seems separate. Feel like any progress you try to make on this (finding someone) won't be fruitful or successful until Spring. Also feel you NEED rest from something; an exhaustion, a kind of suspended, deep freeze very heavy pressure on you coming from external sources. You need time to heal.

Regroup. Change something about the way you approach this issue; something is "stuck" and I don't feel like you're really focused as you could be on your intention to find someone; once you get some rest and through the winter, you'll feel rejuvenated and able to see things differently. Right now, you're on low ebb and seem to be all over the place. Anyone you attract now will likely not be good for you because you haven't broadcasted your intentions to the universe. Be very specific about the qualities you want.

You're going to meet this person on some kind of an adventure, or something involved in research, or that which is hidden. I also pick up a Pisces energy with this, the unconscious, the hidden, something or someone who is hidden through camouflage or wears camouflage, military, etc. Secrecy, a code, something interesting, activates your mind, challenges you, but this feels separate from the Leo person, so I guess you'll have your pick between two men around the same time, unless you already know who this person is -- I wish I could describe him better, but he's elusive; hard to pick up. If you think you know who this is, please send a follow-up (though I usually do not accept follow-ups). He's coming in through "a different door" whatever that means. But feel he may already be there.

Hope this makes SOME sense!

God's Blessings,

Thank you for writing.  


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