My birthdate is September 26, 1979. My boyfriend Bryan is October 11, 1983. Do you see a long term relationship?

Dear Drew,

I don't know why, but I feel like this is already a long-term relationship. Could be that you or he recently ended a previous long-term relationship. Someone argues about money, or finances are a problem, I hear that in conversation. I feel like you tend to take on the "leader" or more dominant role; you're straight ahead, "clear," and you're both very intelligent and well suited, but Bryan is more vulnerable and will have to treated with kid gloves a bit.

Both of you also keep carrying round something from the past, but again, you've more or less dealt with it (a separation/estrangement from a parent or sibling) while he has not; I feel a harkening back, a pull, almost like a Cancerian feeling of guilt associated with the home of origin and family. It's a feeling of being either abandoned or treated severely, and Bryan has wounds from this still, which makes it hard for him to trust, but you're so well suited, I don't see this affecting your relationship much at all -- just something to be aware of.

Something with balloons, a recent celebration or party or wedding or some rite of passage has recently occurred or is coming up for one of you, and I feel that will solidify things.

Bryan seems also more contained than you are, but bursting with ideas -- needs you; needs the foundation of a home and one person to love. Must have a partner. You're very good to him. I know this sounds like I feel sorry for him, but I don't; I just get a slight feeling of belligerence stemming from old wounds around him and a tendency to be too self-absorbed, too introspective.

There's a kind of see-saw effect here, as in when you're angry at things (just life in general) and tend to be skeptical and go silent, he is on the "upside," and vice-versa.

I feel some fighting, but it does not threaten your relationship, probably because you don't seem to lose respect for each other; you both tend to vent a bit. Just be careful not to take too much out on each other, and you'll do a lot better. I see a small outdoor granite waterfall with one of those interesting designs on it; don't know what this means but I interpret it as a mutual appreciation for beauty in life and a constant, renewable but steady flow of things. I don't feel any real difficulties here, and I feel like one of the most important things is very simple, but it goes a long way -- you make each other laugh.

I hope this helps!

Many Blessings,


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