Sammie Jun 8 1995
I was wondering if our relationship is going to last a long time and if we will be happy?

Dear Dylan,

I can't tell whether this is going to last a long time; usually, if I can't feel it, it means no, but I could be wrong. Feels like you're very different in some way; different background, religion, culture, financial background, something feels "opposite." It isn't a problem, though; Sammy is very emotionally strong and if you can both work hard at maintaining a high level of respect for each other, you'll have great success.

I feel you tend to go quiet sometimes, maybe when you're hurt or feel misunderstood; don't keep silent -- talk about it. Keep things flowing, open. You worry too much about really small things, it seems; try to just live in the moment and not worry about or even think about the future; it will unfold naturally anyway.

Sammy's heart has been already hurt, I'm feeling, but that may be because of confusion about the commitment level of the other person (who came along before you); that's why I emphasise a need to keep all your channels of communication open; it's vital that you never go away "wondering what that meant" sort of thing.

I keep hearing "Judge," so don't misjudge each other. If you're uncertain of something even in the slightest, ask, and get it out in the open. I have a feeling there's a slight disconnect in communications, so by all means try to speak in person as often as you can, or on the phone. You two can easily misinterpret something through technical communication. Otherwise, I don't see why it wouldn't last; I don't feel any blocks, so good luck!



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