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I still have feelings for this one guy ...  were talking and almost going out back in May but things didnít work out , we liked each other a lot and now he has a girlfriend but I want to know if itís really no chance for us to have something anymore ?? Iím APR 28 1994 heís APR 26 1994 I saw him today and felt my feelings come back a bit!! And not just that his girlfriend befriended me I guess for the same reason, so I wouldn't try getting with him but I can't help it ..

Dear Rose,

I don't have the feeling you'll get back with him, but I'm glad you got to see him again because it feels to me nothing ever really had a chance to "end," and now's your time.

In other words, it feels like you never got a chance to know him well enough to then let it end, and now, perhaps through his girlfriend, you will. I can see why those feelings keep hanging around; feel you were left wanting more, or at least some kind of closure.

Also feel this never quite got off the ground because you are very alike, feel you are more karmically connected than you may realise -- you are obsessive about/drawn to things in him that you also possess but haven't yet recognized fully; it's like looking in a mirror but only seeing parts of yourself -- that's who I feel he represents to you, and vice versa.

I feel he sees you as a friend and hasn't felt as deeply about this as you have, but he hasn't caught on to the karmic connection.

To be clear: You both recognise things in each other that lie dormant within each of you, but it's like a tiny sprout of a plant -- it hasn't had time to sink in and grow -- if you look closely at the things you like so much about him and how they apply to you as well, you'll understand and appreciate this better. Think of something about him that gave you joy, any small thing that makes a strong impression, and how it applies to you. This is the mirror effect.

I feel you were sent to each other as a gift of acknowledgement regarding how to more easily see your own good points. He tends to be a bit cynical, but you don't have that; that's where it balances out. You tend to be a little self-pitying or just want to "give up on love" at times, but he doesn't, and there's another "balance point."

I feel on his part, in particular, there was a sense of detachment, or wanting to detach, from you, because there was an emotional, almost "magnetic" pull toward you that he didn't understand and that made him feel very stressed. Did you also feel very pulled, very, very obsessive, like you'd lose your train of thought, words, couldn't express yourself, got very nervous, shaky, maybe your heart raced and you felt "electrified" -- this is the magnetic pull. But can you imagine, if you got so close to that, you'd be "twice yourself," which is too much energy for anyone to take on!

I do feel it's a karmic relationship, but only to show you parts of yourself that you've forgotten to love or don't realize is even there. Same for him. I have the name Pete, but not sure if this is him, also something about the night, or the word night, or even knight, could be a street name, could be something significant for you in the future, but this current relationship (as it is) goes deeper than I think you assumed, but again, only and strictly in a spiritual sense. You're not meant to be together because, again, you're too alike, but you're being brought together again to show each other the parts of yourselves that you don't consciously register. And that will help you like yourself more and be more open and accessible to the right person when he comes along! I hope that makes sense!

God's Blessings,


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