Hello,my name is Marissa and my DOB is July 9 1991.I would like to know whether I'll end up in a romantic relationship in the future.If so,can you give details on it please?Like,the type of man I'll end up with etc.Thank you.

Dear Marissa,

You'll have many relationships, I feel, and there's a sense of fun, a little wackiness, I don't want to say "crazy," but something very humorous about your love life, how it will turn out -- I feel you're somewhat restrained in some way, but that your sense of the zany, the eccentric, even, will draw people in and - I see you as a kind of entertainer, I keep getting laughter with this, like you're entertaining people in ways you don't realise you can; also feel you're going to say this doesn't fit, but look deeper, beyond the surface -- and toss out all negativity, jealousy, or other issues like being naturally too "clingy," which can bring many complications -- PLEASE toss that out -- I have the month of March, April, or the 3rd of a month, seems significant, the letters D, T, C, and another number 4, which I'm also seeing as a possible 34 or 43, this could be an age, an address, house number, or the 7th of a month, or August (as it relates to your future love life).

You can make things complicated in a love relationship, so be aware and "beware" of that. It's better knowing ahead of time, right? I don't see one particular person, I feel you'll have what seem to be "admirers" and I keep feeling you're loving in a very "big" way in some manner, and that laughter is all around your love life/future, if you could just peel back a few layers; your personality is still emerging, and you're too closed-in. Don't focus on/obsess about this, because it will come to you -- I literally see the circus, someone juggling, or a very nice kind of fair, fairgrounds, I could be describing your future partner, someone who will definitely be surrounded by laughter and bring it to you, instead of vice versa. Maybe he's the entertainer, in a sense - someone is, that's for sure.

You have the strong capacity to work hard and sacrifice to get what you want and who you want -- and you will, because this tenacity is well developed -- if you'd just let it out -- still feel you're either physically or emotionally held back or restrained in some way, but it's not as crippling or as severe as you think it is; others don't see it or you as critically as you see yourself and your situation. You have great compassion and will help many people in your life because you have the ability to relate to ANYONE. You're charming, so have at it!:)

God's Blessings,


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