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What do you see about my upcoming love life? Do you think I'll ever find someone? 23rd march 1987

Dear Muhammad,

You have an interesting energy, and you're going to attract someone who has been left by her husband, and she has (it feels like two) children. I feel like she's around a place where food is served, and if you go to a certain place every week, she is there. You may not be interested in her because I feel like you want a lot of change, excitement, risk, anything "new," but I feel someone who needs you and is downtrodden, depressed, a bit, and she's near. You have a very affectionate side, and you're funny; she needs this. Again I don't think you're going to want to date her, but it won't be like regular "dating"; it's more about a neighbourhood acquaintance, someone near who has just (recently) been left and is struggling.

She is small-boned and her nose is slightly turned-up, there's a slope to it. She parts her hair on the side, it's just below shoulder-length, she's about 5'2", and she goes into the food place I think to get candy or a pastry for her children. I hope you know this place; if not, you'll run into her anyway. She lives nearby.

Don't give up; you have a bit of impatience and even a bit of a temper, but you also have a strong destiny ahead, so please don't give up. Good things and love will come to you; you have a way of making people feel better, and I feel like it's part of your "destiny" to help this person, and others, as well. I don't have a date or a time; I just keep feeling "be patient." The only thing I get with her is a name that sounds like a native American tribe, like "navaho," but it's not that, or the name of any such tribe; it just sounds like that. I think it's a "N" first or last initial. Don't run yourself crazy looking for her; it will happen when it does.

Many blessings,


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