Hi my name is Annalisa ,what do you see happening in my marriage in the nearest future?i was born november 14 1976

Dear Annalisa,

For the best outcome when asking questions involving another person, I ask that you provide the birthdate for that person as well -- it's on my Profile page -- but I'll try anyway without it --

I see two males, boys/young men; they seem to be "tackling" each other in some way. Water seems to be connected to either a honeymoon or a memorable trip with your husband. At this point, it feels like you're going under a covered bridge in a badly built mode of transportation; you're having trouble getting across to the other side.

Struggles, lots of feelings of being stuck, but if you return to the place of water or the place where you had the most memorable time with him, you can get unstuck. You're in each other's "space" too much; feel you both need to remember what brought you together in the first place, and the best way to do that is to go back to those good times. Look at old photos of happier times. They're still within you; this can be saved, though I feel you've been given advice to leave it behind, maybe you're telling yourself this as well, but I don't see anything beyond a struggle to get out of a certain "enclosure" that keeps you stuck. Change of place is needed; will see yourselves in a new light. Have to get out of the darkness. Someone may have to step out to get help, and return, because that mechanism is not budging (metaphor for your marriage, that sort of buggy-thing I keep seeing). It requires that one of you separate from the other for a time, "see the light," and bring back knowledge and the tools to use to get out of that covered bridge.

Also feels like you are the more restless one, curious about travel, wanting to travel, I hear "globetrotter," whereas he is more steadfast and does not want to change. I do feel a separation but not a division, not an ending. Feel he is perhaps asking too much of you; would do well to go through talk therapy because many deep emotions are being withheld. I feel your guilt, but there must be forgiveness on someone's part for this to go forward.

I wish I had more, but that's all I'm getting. Good luck!

Many Blessings,


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