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Would you like to tell me about the person I will marry in future? Do you see marriage for me? Who is this person and how will we meet? What will my married partner and future be like? I would like to know someone specific about him so I can know if I know him already in some way. My name is Riddhima and DOB is March 21,1980. Also I am worried for my job, do you see me relocating any time in 2016 for work? I am currently living in Texas. Thanks~

Dear Riddhima,

Yes, you'll most definitely marry; I have a sense that you naturally "draw" people to you; you have an intense aura, field of energy, that draws many near -- you're going to need a great amount of nurturing, affection, and attention from this person, and I think this stems from your childhood -- something made you feel not quite taken care of properly. This still seems to affect how you respond to a potential romantic partner. You MUST be nurtured and understood; if you have friends in your circle who like you more than you like them, take a second look; it's worth it.

Also, this is someone who either has animals, is around animals a great deal, or loves them and even understands them. I'm hearing "do not trust one who doesn't like animals" and to not venture too far away from your center, your comfort zones; it isn't necessary -- there are many good people out there, but you have to give them a better chance, stay with it a little longer, even if you don't like them at first glance or even in your first few meetings; your first impressions are not your best! I'm seeing a hand turning over a leaf very carefully, so I'll translate that to looking carefully at both sides of a person; don't dismiss who could become a potential true, lasting love too quickly.

I don't know about moving right now, but in your career, I feel like you're a natural in anything related to teaching OR something financial / big business, even working with a financial firm but not directly with money, but again, in a huge bank, investment firm in some capacity, those would both be good areas for you AND/OR for a person to whom you could be linked romantically. He might already be there; I may be combining/mixing up information between the two questions.

There's a T initial, first or last name, December is an important month, either a birthday, a time when you meet, a future anniversary, and something with July also, but a pond is associated with that, or a small body of water where one goes for recreation or that is near you or this other person associated with July. Small body of water, a little bit "hidden away," like a secret place, almost. This is all very vague because it just hasn't happened yet but it does feel already in your energy field, so be on the lookout!

I hope this helps, wish I had more specifics, but this is all I'm getting -

God's Blessings,


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