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My name is Viraya and i am married to Raj. My birthdate is april 22 ,1981and his is sep 24,1974. I would like to know about our married life in future. We have one child, do you see more children for us in future? We are currently settled in USA. Do you see us going back to our homecountry sometime in future? We have plans to start a business but nothing has been finalized yet. What do you see in our long term future together?
We have had issues in the past, even though things have settled between us I don't know how it will pan out going ahead.

Thanks for your time.

Dear Viraya,

You two are very different in certain ways. I can't speak on the addition of children because, as I state on my Profile page, I do not answer questions regarding health, which includes potential pregnancies. I feel it's unethical of me to do so because I am not a physician.

Feel you have many friends, but in your marriage, you keep holding back, and I feel like he does, too. I feel he's more family oriented than you are and has more of a drive to want to return home; your energy is slightly more rebellious, though that's not exactly the word I want; it's a feeling of wanting to explore, invent, take risks, rebel against the status quo and create something (business-wise) that is very innovative, new, and expressive. I feel like whatever you envision, you can easily obtain. In a sense I feel like you might be the one more likely to leave the situation, but you're not ready just yet, and you may never leave -- there's still a lot going on, a lot to be done and completed with your husband. He has plans, too, but they don't seem to be in alignment with yours right now. I think you're both very tired and confused.

Moving to his energy, it feels like, again, he keeps part of himself distant or reserved. I do feel the tumult in your love life, and it seems to have to do with "rules" of some sort that you can't quite agree on. Yet I feel he strongly believes in the traditions of family life and will overlook things that bother him just to keep the peace. I feel some slight emotional distance between him and your child, but this may be due to his work -- not sure.

Again, I feel like you both want change, but in different ways or areas, particularly professionally. I feel artistic endeavors around him, like writing, a photography or fashion or dance company, and I see/feel him putting too much on credit. Finances aren't exactly in order.

I can't make decisions for you, but it feels like you're the more restless one, and he's the one who tries harder to maintain peace. I feel it would make you both feel better to return home, though; it's one thing you have in common, and your disagreements would lessen if you were in more comfortable, familiar surroundings. It's almost like you're both working too hard at the wrong things, and that getting sorted in your home country would put all of that into a much better perspective.

He does not want to leave you. He has a natural healing ability in some way; he can be more emotional and heartfelt than he's letting on to you. I feel "the rat race" is too close to you; if you can move even to a quieter place where you live now and allow things to slow down a bit, you'd both feel better, but ultimately I feel you would both do best at home, where it is more familiar.

I hope this helps!

Many blessings,

Thank you for writing.  


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