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In 2007 I was alone at home and sensed a presence of someone. I started taking photos in some areas and after photos were downloaded to my computer I realized that appeared image of an entity in the corridor. In 2012 I asked to a professional photographer his opinion and this is what he said:

"On Sun, Aug 26, 2012 at 11:30 AM, Cam Cope <> wrote:
Hi Reynaldo,

Just had a look at the photos you sent me, they are quite curious! I definitely see the faces/human forms you pointed out.

Unfortunately being a photographer doesn't give me too much extra ability to determine what caused them. Though I would say that if we look closely it's possible to find arrangements of light and shadow in many things (not just photos) that appear human, but I cannot tell you definitively what caused these."

ANSWER: Dear Reynaldo
me too cant determine what cause this image however I can tell you that we are living in a multiverse not a universe as any one calls it meaning there are many other figures forms of energy and dimension that can exist same time and location with us and we shall not know about them because our senses are limited and so I cant tell you what was it or where did it came from but from experience with the spiriutal realms I learned one thing for sure whatever we see or meet we attracted it to us in some form by the way we think and behave and so if it made you feel happy filled with light and love maybe what you have met was a positive form of energy that came to give you that feelings if you felt negative or angry or in fear than maybe it was not such a friendly form of living the good news is that vision is the main cross they can make toward us nothing else meaning it cant really harm you phsycally and youa re welcome to act toward it any way you like but the best way is to be very clear and firm when you do that meaning be willing to have this presence along side you if it makes you feel good and if not simply order it to go back wherever it came from. wishing you good luck in your journey in this multiverse.

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QUESTION: Thanks Inbal for your response. I understand that it is required a particular ability to identify/connect with an entity through a photo. However, your response is in accordance with the spiritual world. What come to us is what we attract.
I have found she is my grand mom, she was born in 1882 and died in 1915. She is one of my spirit guides.

I have been asking my grand mom about my new career. I would like to ask you if you see me starting this new career as part of my mission?

Dear Raynald that makes is so much more easy to you to connect with her since you probably know her language but as for you wish to get more of my services as I request here in my profile everyone are invited to ask me one question for free and if they are interested in getting more of my services they are welcome to hire me for it. thanks for understanding


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