This question concerns myself and my ex.  My name is Mandy, born March 16, 1980.  My ex is David, born December 12, 1979.

We split up back at the end of August.  I was told by another Psychic that not only we would be back together by now, but he would want to Marry me.  Not only are we not back together, but we have got into an argument since I had this reading and have not spoken in over a month though I have tried.

Do you see us getting back together or at least me hearing from him again?  He means alot to me and I would hate for things to end this way.

Hello Dear Mandy,

You are not in love with this man, nor is he in love with you.
The 2 of you are in love with the thought of being in love. You both want the good, but are not patient or trusting of each other enough, to weather the bad. You both need to go your separate ways in order for your true soulmates to be available to you.
It is perfectly normal to want to be in love someone and have them love you back. All too often we mistake a brief period of what is commonly referred to as "puppy love" with the real thing.

In time, once you have recovered from the pain of being apart, you will open your heart to love again.

Blessings to you



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