Hi there, my name is Lisa, my DOB is December 18th, 1992. My question for you is about my current partner Brendan DOB January 27th, 1992. What does the future hold for us together?

Dear Lisa,

Good points for you -- you'll always look younger than you are; likely you always have, or something.

In this relationship, feels like you want to be more in charge of things or just need to feel certain where you stand at all times. But do you tend to need someone all the time -- as in, if not this boyfriend, then another, really quickly -- you're such a romantic, and seem to be deeply connected to the need for partnership -- you may come off kind of intense at times -- and Brendan feels kind of similar in that way, but does that spark fights -- it feels like there's a lot of restless, exciting energy between you, but it isn't always a smooth ride. I get someone "snapping" -- feel like it's coming from him - he's surrounded by more people, it seems, and you want more attention, and deserve it, and he's attractive in a kind of "unusual" way; I don't know how else to put it, so he naturally attracts people who just like him or have problems, want to talk, etc., and I still feel like you run circles around him trying to get his attention.

Feel it started out well but has kind of deteriorated to some extent, and you're feeling insecure, perhaps, or someone is, and it might be best to hold back a bit or give it a breather; I wouldn't call an end to anything unless you feel certain of it, but I feel a lot of excitement (maybe too much is going on) which in turn can cause intensity and then a biting kind of temper, certain remarks that are critical, snapping. It's up to you where it goes, but that's what I get from it. I hope that helps!



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