Do you see me going into my career next year as for nursing.. Nursing school?

AUG 10 1988

Dear Chloe,

Yes, I feel like you will go into it, but only if you have a friend or a group of friends or colleagues who will be doing the same thing at the same time; I keep seeing you with another person or more than one person, and you feel like the "leader," in a sense. Yet later, I feel you'll want to cut a path toward your independence in a career, away from the "pack," as I see it, and either start something on your own or move, or practice in a very specialized area of medicine, or something that separates you from the rest, and it's on a higher level -- either by place/location or discipline.

Feel like also you'll change direction -- away from nursing -- get a little confused on this, because it's like I feel you might want to do two things even now and can't decide on which one; as long as you go with one thing, stick with it, get some experience, and then you'll pick up the other career area later (which seems unrelated to medicine; seems more about business in some way), but it won't require you to take much, if any, more schooling - you can transfer your skills -- I keep seeing a fork in the road, two careers, and I think that's going to unfold, but give it time.

Yes, if you do nursing with at least one comrade/friend, you'll find yourself in the midst of a group of colleagues/students, and you'll be the leader. It's a good feeling, but again, you'll want to break away from the pack later, and you will, and  you'll be successful at that also.

If you can move through the inner conflict (deciding between two disciplines/careers) and just let things flow without pushing yourself, it will all work out in the end. I would go for nursing instead of the other thing you have on your mind; you can do that later.

Whew! Hope that helps -- feel I'm watching a ping-pong match, back and forth!

God's Blessings,


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