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Hi Genna,

I'm hoping you could give me some insight on my current relationship. Do you see us having a future together? We seem to share a strong connection, but it has been difficult for us to truly be together. Also, a family friend (who I suspect is also psychic) once told me that she sees me having another child. Do you agree?

Thank you so much for offering this service.

Hi there.

- Thank you for writing in.

I feel the one you are speaking with, your current relationship, there will not be a long term future here. I do see you being with this one for a quite a bit longer, maybe even a year, in terms of a relationship. because I feel one of you can not let go here. But again, from what your spiritual guides in heaven are showing you, no it wont last, and the both of you, it will not work out, I feel partly because of the distance thing.

There will be someone new for you, coming in, not yet. I am seeing in about 2 years from now. During the spring months, I see March. He is male, and I see he is a September/Virgo. Handsome, and has 2 kids. A boy and a girl. Younger in age. I see that he does something financially related. he may have 2 separate jobs I see. He is fine though. And I am seeing his name is a J. Like Juan or something really similar. He will take care of you, and it will be for the long term.

I do not see you having another child, no. I also feel this is because the one you will meet in the future, he will have kids, okay.

I hope this helped you.



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