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Hi! My name is Sarah (dob 4-27-98) and I have been in a relationship for almost and year and a half. My boyfriends name is Josh (dob 9-21-96) and we have known eachother and been good friends for about 5 or 6 years. We started liking eachother shortly after I got out of the hospital and was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. I have been in the hospital twice since then, weeks at a time, and he has stuck by me through all of it and has never given me a reason to doubt him. We have gone through a lot of tough things in our lives together and I have never been scared of us breaking up over something either of us had any control over. He's my best friend and I would not hesitate to say that we are both in love with eachother. Now the only thing I am worried about is time and distance. He traveled 700 miles away this August for college to become a youth pastor. Because of our different situations we would probably have to wait at least 3 or 4 years before anything more could happen like getting married. Will we be able to wait it out? What do you see in our future?

Hi there.

- Thank you for writing in.

I see that you both truly care for each other, and you are both a good match. I see you want the best from this. I am seeing something long distance at the moment. I do see you both getting married, yes and even having a son. I see you getting married, in about 3 years from this year. And I see it being for the long run too. I see him being quite successful with his studies, for he is very bright and caring.

I hope this helped you.



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