My name is Keishia, I am a female, and my date of birth is 06/06/1992.

My past few relationships have all ended pretty quickly. And each of the guys seem to leave without really giving explanation or closure. Will I wait much longer for true love?

oh sweetie I am so sorry, you deserve so much better than that.
My indications is 2016 gives you a new love. Someone handsome and tall and someone who goes to a university near your home. He has a strong H in his last name. Best of luck to you sweetie.  


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I am back, however my work load will be smaller then normal for the time being. Please be patient.


I have had the gift my entire life. I can help you in all aspects of your life and I excel in matters of the heart.

Well this one to begin with. I am also a volunteer on some other non profit sites.

Nothing yet, But I will keep you posted.

You cannot really have educational credits when you are a medium. this picture in my profile is from this site, you can purchase it here.

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Ok seriously.. not the profession to get awards. However if there is an online psychic award show I might get nominated.

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