QUESTION: Met a wonderful man by the name of Jim.. He's amazing. A Libra born in Oct and I am in Aug 88. We have a strong connection and I am wondering should I pursue this with him and I ? The connection I getting strong daily and I can talk too jim for hours. Do you think more can come out this?

Thanks, Nechell

ANSWER: Dear Nechell,

Please write back with your full birth date, as well as Jim's. I can't connect unless I have a day and month at least -- it's on my Profile Page.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Jim's bday is Oct 17th
Mines is Aug 10th

Dear Nechell,

Yes, you and he are definitely well mated; the energies feel good. If you haven't met, I only wonder why; physical distance feels like the only barrier.

I say this because I have a feeling he's a complex person who, though loyal, tends to keep or withhold part of himself from people, though he likely has many friends. Something "dark" about him; he's kind of inscrutable in that no one really knows him -- he won't let them.

But you're good for him because I feel like you enjoy this kind of challenge -- breaking down the layers of someone's personality and learning how to earn their trust. Is he an artist of some sort -- I feel he has that temperament, see a man with a very strong ego with a dramatic flair, literally see him/someone wearing a black cloak and pacing across a room in a burst of some sort of creative energy, painting, words, some kind of artistic pursuit, and he romanticizes the past. He may even throw things! That's just the image I'm getting.

He will get distant and aloof at times, but this seems to be merely a protective shield to hide his vulnerability. I feel like you would do very well together, but someone, not sure which one of you, is a little hesitant about going forward or even meeting for some reason -- he's one to run the show or at least pull the strings, and he's a good actor. I can't quite get that image out of my mind -- it's that typical "Jekyll and Hyde" persona I'm seeing -- how it's depicted in film. That's exactly it.

There's a real depth to him that I'm not sure you've reached, but I feel you sense it's there, and I can see why you're so intrigued. I feel like you can handle him -- when I say that, I mean you have an equal need to be the leader in a relationship, so this still feels like what I'd call a healthy but challenging relationship. Some people don't need to be challenged in love matters, but I feel you both would benefit from each other in that area.  

You also do well with a mentor, and if he's not older, he's in some way slightly more advanced than you are in ways that you want to improve in your own life/talents, and you can both build stronger personalities together. (With this, I get a feeling of adventure related to travel.)

Yet I still get a feeling of one person pulling back, and of course this relationship may not come to full fruition if someone hangs back, but if it goes forward, it will be full of spark, never a dull moment, and you'd both learn a great deal from each other, sort of the near-perfect yin/yang.

There again, one or both of you could sense this and may be afraid of finding the near-perfect in fear that it won't last. I don't feel any danger; the gift in any relationship worth pursuing is that it is electric and brings positive growth -- no matter how or if it ends.

I'd certainly find this hard to resist. You have a very kinetic energy together, and I hope it continues and turns out well. There's a lot you can learn here -- good luck!

God's Blessings,


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