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Hello my name is Dre Unna Rivers birthday May 20, 1992 my question is in regards to a Brandon barnes birthday October 20, 1985 hi I had a question about a friend of mine that I have been communicating with frequently for the last past five years we've been communicating a lot for the last two and we've had a really great friendship over the phone however I just recently met up with him last weekend and it was really dry there was no connection and I just wanted to know why and what was going on on his End the reason why things didn't work out can you tell me if he's in a relationship if he has anything else going on or was he just not interested I'm really bothered by the whole situation because I really like this guy and I kind of put on my eggs in one basket so I'm just looking for closer to the situation I'm kind of hurt I have also have not heard from him since the last time I seen him no call or text or anything can you please help me out here

Dear Dre Unna,

I wish you'd met sooner rather than dragging through all this to then realize you don't have physical chemistry! That's the crux of it -- feel you will find love with people from several different backgrounds, races, cultures, all walks of life, and you have a 'good ear'; you're a natural listener, but you didn't maybe realize on the phone or through technology that you were doing MOST of the listening and giving great advice -- he feels more egocentric and also very, very idealistic, to the extent that no one can match his ideal person -- therefore, he's always going to feel a sense of failure. No one is perfect, but he's seeking that.

I feel you're charming and attractive and can easily rebound from this; I don't feel you'll be without anyone for very long -- give it a month or so, honestly, and you'll be right back in the game, but this time, don't spend so much time communicating through the void of technology -- it removes every "human" characteristic -- if you can't hear a person's voice or see his eyes, read his body language, pick up his scent, and vice versa, you'll never get anywhere. And don't let things carry on so far without meeting.

Feel you'll get involved with someone in late January-early February, and I have an L and an S initial, first or last name, seems significant, also someone who is either a Gemini or literally a twin is in your energy, but I don't know if this is a romantic partner; it's just someone I'm picking up who is close to you --

I hope this helps; don't stress about this anymore -- nothing's your fault -- he will ALWAYS feel let down until he starts to be more realistic about life in the "real world." And besides, I just don't feel you had physical chemistry, never did, but you never KNEW it because you didn't give yourself a chance:)

I hope this helps!

God's Blessings,


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