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   I think I am ready for a long-term,serious relationship.
I am single,when do you see that man entering my life,and kindly tell me about his personality traits and appearance?
Full name Palwasha Rehman
Dob 12 march 1985
Thank you.

Dear Palwasha,

I feel like you tend to not let men get too close, or you don't stay in a relationship long enough to see if it would last -- you leave too quickly. However, if you haven't had a love relationship yet, I'm just feeling out your energy, and that you might express yourself this way. I'm seeing a very skittish cat, and she won't come close.

But, if you feel you're ready to take this on, June or the 6th of a month feels significant, and the letter F comes in strongly, but because this person isn't here yet, it's very hard and usually impossible to tell what he looks like, his personality, etc. I can only go with the energy YOU bring, because I have no one to connect to you.

However, it does feel like 2016 will be a quieter year than this year was, and you do have a better chance of meeting someone who will stay around for the long term and with whom you can establish a sense of harmony, family roots, home. Love will be easier to attract for you this year, and your general outlook/attitude will soften a bit; feel you won't be as nervous or running around as much, so you'll be naturally more responsive to others' energies. Just remember, you will attract what you desire, so make sure you know exactly the type of man you want.

I keep feeling this year and even the one before, you were scrambling to keep up with something or very busy in some way, also someone else's wedding, but this year you can relax a bit and let things come to YOU.

Personally, I feel you seem quieter than you are, or you ARE quieter than most; you have a lot of imagination and do you write -- writing fantasy fiction or some kind of fantasy-related books, all positive, fun, very creative. You can seem quiet, and then you can explode and scare people because they don't expect it!:)

(I keep seeing a white cat playing in the grass, but she's very cagey, and she hisses a bit, so I have to take that to be you; you think through your instincts, like a cat, and you sometimes overthink things.)

Just let this person come to you, don't look for him, and again, something about another person's wedding relates to him -- you may meet him there, that kind of thing. I see your mouth zipped up, so again, don't be timid; talk, let men get to know you, because you have a lot to give! I hope this helps, and good luck!

God's Blessings,


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