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Hi! My name is Rica, date of birth is October 10, 1981. Thank you for offering this service. I'm hoping you could provide some insight on my career. Am I on the right path? Also, do you see me marrying in the next few years? Thanks again.

Dear Rica,

First thing I feel is sales, because you have so much charm. It would so easy to sell things, business management, even retail, seems to resonate because you can and seem to thrive on thinking on your feet, being flexible, spontaneous, having ideas, sudden insights, all of which could be used to encourage and help people make decisions about things they need -- colors, fabrics, even angles and shapes, come into it; it's not quite design or art (I don't think), but it's a unique kind of almost personal shopper or personal "coach" to people who can't get it together the way you can; you have a vision of being able to see something before it's material; before it's created. You can envision what color would look best inside or on the exterior of a house, for example, paint, home improvement, even just helping people who don't have a knack for knowing where to put things, how to arrange them. Many people are so clueless in this area, but smart in others; you have this gift -- also I'm a bit with the outdoors, flowers, some slight landscaping ideas. Real estate. Something MUST challenge you, or you get bored. Also two jobs at the same time, in different fields, feels likely at some point because it's a good, natural way to stretch your abilities to the utmost.

Marriage! Yes, as long as you don't stop short/hesitate when you see someone interesting. I'm hearing "go straight up to the person and speak" -- let your presence be known when YOU see someone; don't wait for them to come to you. Yes, you can have that anytime now; it seems to be a matter of if you're sure you're ready, and if you meet someone who feels like a good match. I have an A, M, and 11 or 23 with this person - first or last initials, dates of the month, addresses, just anything. Keep you mind open, and don't stop yourself when your intuition says "go." Big mistake. Next few years, yes, of course, it's a very good possibility - hearing "Phil" now or "Phillip" or some form of that. Aries, or person with Aries heavily in the chart.

I hope this helps!

God's Blessings,


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