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Hi Genna,

I'm trying very hard to move on from my ex, James (a Taurus).  (I'm a Scorpio, by the way.) But, moving on hasn't been easy.  I still feel a connection to him.  Will he try to reconnect with me or is someone new coming in?  I feel very lost in the game of love.

Looking for something permanent,

Hi there.

- Thank you for writing in.

You will move on from your Ex, yes. No, I truly do not see you being back with him. I understand you still have some feelings, but you are going to go on, because it wont work out again between the both of you. I don't see him re connecting either. Yes someone new will come into the picture for you. Not yet, in about a year and a half. And I see he is a November/Scorpio. Rather handsome and good looks too. I see he is about a year or so younger than you, in age. He is taller, in height, about 5 11, to 6 foot. nice skin, olive complexion. And you get along great too.

I hope this helped you.



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