can you please read about myself(anjali) and hanswolfgang? what do you see in our future?
his date of birth is august 5, 1952 and mine is april 12, 1982. we are friends but haven't met yet personally. do you see any chance for us to meet in future? how will this relationship trend going forward? is he my soulmate? i have been very fond of him, don't know about him though. actually i don't know much about him so curious. do you see us meeting and continuing in this relationship in future?

thank you

Dear Anjali,

This one is difficult, because if you haven't met this person and don't even know much about hims yourself, I really can't pick up his energy through you.

I feel like he praises you, puts you on a pedestal, but also feel you're being manipulated in that he may be trying to persuade you, make you see his side of things, but he's not taking your feelings into consideration -- he's overriding them with his own. He's putting what he wants before what you want, and you're doing the same thing.

I'd back off -- or, if you feel you must get to know him better, just talk to him and don't let him talk so much; I feel you're being pushed into a corner and can't express yourself, you feel overwhelmed and flattered, but there's no room for you to express yourself -- and that is not soul mate material. You're quite keen and can spot deception; the fact that you feel uncertain is your instinct telling you, "Something's off; back away."

Do not meet this person; I feel potential danger or unhappiness, a sense of you losing control. I hope this helps. In the future, never let a person control the conversation or try to persuade you that you feel a certain way. Until you know for sure about someone, don't make a single move. Trust your instincts.

God's Blessings,


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