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How long will my romantic relationship with Kevin last?

My birthdate: APR 2 1981
His birthdate: MAY 17 1977

Dear Tracy,

I don't know or have a feeling on how long this will last because time isn't measured by months or years in spirit; also, you both have free will. Even if you didn't want to leave, you COULD leave tomorrow of your own volition; sometimes it's just a decision.

However, you both "sparkle," meaning your energy is like a firecracker, creating sparks, both on your own and together, when it increases exponentially. If you watch your tendency to be a bit jealous and/or possessive, and if he can be more flexible-minded and open-minded, you'll do fine. He's a bit of a stick in the mud at times, I feel like he's never been married, or if so, it hasn't/didn't last long; he likes a good debate, but that can sometimes blow up into a fight.

Overall, you're both so individualistic, I get a feeling of push/pull, as in a power play -- do you tend to compete with each other -- if so, that's a good thing, if you're positive about it -- if not, it will pit you against each other. This is what I'd call a challenging relationship, but it can work if you both want it to badly enough.

I hope that helps!

God's Blessings,


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