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I was with my ex boyfriend for about 8 months and we had been going through a bit of a rough time fighting and I felt him pulling away when he broke up with me in a text message.  He said he no longer wanted a serious relationship and couldn't give me what he feel I deserved.  I still love him with all my heart I am devistated, I kept my cool however and accepted it and have not made much further contact with him.  In my heart I still cling to a bit of hope, my heart longs for him and I am in so much pain.  what should I do to get us back together? His name is Mike (he is male) I am Laura (female) and I am born in 1988.

I am so sorry but it sounds like Mike moved on and rather then be honest he let things drift with you and he. I think the only thing you can really do is try to touch base with him and see how he is, maybe with some time he might change his mind but honestly I don't feel a reunion with him is coming up.
I actually see a new person coming to your life around May. it might not be easy to hear this now, but he will be way better then Mike was.  


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