hello. ok info first. my name is fernanda cardenas, live in corona, ca, USA. i come live in fullerton monday-thursday for school.i was born 05/17/93 in artesia, ca, USA.  i am 5'8, average. i wouldn't say skinny or fat, just average. i am currently working to get a business degree, i used to work at carls jr but they've been cutting everyones hours so now its almost like i don't even have a job. ok so I've never done this whole psychic reading thing before but I'm considering going to one simply because i would like some advice. i think I'm depressed. i seem to be sad a lot for no reason, and i live a very good, happy life. i have a best friend who i love and am very thankful for. she has a boyfriend , she works and goes to school so its kinda hard to see her sometimes. but nonetheless i love her. i have absolutely no reason to feel sad, you see. i have a great family, a great friend, and I'm going to school. i would just like to know if there is any root for my unhappiness. sometimes i think i am seriously depressed. if you do not feel a connection with my question will you please just let me know? i would appreciate that very much. thanks so much for your time, i appreciate it. i hope to hear from you soon! thanks so much

Hi Fern,

Depression is nothing to be ashamed of and it's actually quite common. I have to be extremely careful what I fuel my body with or I will experience depression. Why? Because I'm very empathic and spiritually sensitive. You are too. Please see this article I wrote about the subject:

You might also want to consider that sometimes depression is suppressed anger. Were you mistreated by family members or others growing up? Did you stuff it and suffer in silence? Expressing anger through exercise, even self-defense training, is one way to deal with it.

Finally, do what makes you happy. Don't try to please everyone else.  


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