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Hi Dear
This is the first time I contact you. And, would appreciate a reading.

My name is Angela, I was born on Nov 20, 1985. I like a guy whose name is Allen, he was born on Dec 14th. Unfortunately I don't know his exact year of birth.

We have never meet in person. He is really a bachelor. He is good looking, highly educated, healthy, and from a very good family. There are a lot of girls after him. That is why I have never tried to approach him and express my interest.

I want to know whether there is a chance that he can be my soulmate.

I'm sorry to say this Angela, but the cards are saying you're just falling into love with the idea of who he can be, that there's no real love here - perhaps a puppy love if anything... why don't you communicate with him first Angela :) you define him as really nice, but you can't vicariously fall in love with him...  


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