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1-Jennifer Lynn Grozelle,female, 2-September,29,1968, 10:19 am Toronto,Ontario,Canada. 3-5'4" 185 pounds, blue eyes, brown hair(dyed dark red),4-I had a 3 month seasonal contract at LUSH Cosmetics from Sept.29,2014-Dec.31,2014.Do you see me ever getting work there again? This is the only place I've ever worked where everybody laughed and got along with each other.Did the company not like me?I am Facebook friends with 5 of them but now nobody answes or likes any of my comments,eventhough I still get their posts.

Hi Jennifer, I'm answering you from the question pool, which means you were referred there by the volunteer you requested. If you wish me to answer your question, kindly take a minute to read my profile - see who I am, and then note that I will only answer one question briefly - but for this you have to give the details as requested.

This link is good to check on how to ask those right questions, to get a better answer


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