hello, my name is fernanda cardenas and i was born may 17, 1993. and i have a question about love. I've never been in love and I've never even had a boyfriend. theres this guy at work who's the same age as me and i find him so attractive (not physically but personality wise) but i think he and some other coworker are having a fling right now. i just want to know if we could ever be together. i don't really talk to him that much but when we do talk i feel like we are "soul mates" maybe I'm wrong but i need some guidance. thank you so much for your time.

The cards are pretty much saying what you already know, that you don't talk to him, there's a distance between the both of you - nothing jumps out here as 'soul-matey' only that the reason you asked this question, is to see slyly how you can get yourself talking to him...


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