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Psychics/relationship reading please


QUESTION: Id like to know what you see in the future for this relationship. I'm fully interested in a full reading but would like to find someone who feels they can connect with me.  
My info;  Christine Ann young
Born in milwaukie, Oregon
DOB. 9-19-1980

Michael Meyers
June 14, 1979
Born in beaver reek, Oregon

If you would like additional info please just ask.  Id also like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for you time and energy.  
Thx again,
Christy young.

ANSWER: The cards are saying that you're hoping for new beginnings with Michael, at least some sort of contact from him. Because the relationship you did have unexpectedly ended, and you were just were just left in the lurch. If you can both try to talk to each other, the tensions between the both of you can reduce... but there's a big IF for the future.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I'm sorry....I'm very confused by your reply.  I did have a previous relationship about 10 months ago which ended totally unexpectedly but this was with a different person.  Mike and I have practically moved in with each other and spend time with each other constantly.  We also communicate very well.  Did I mid understand your reply or??  Sorry, iz just appreciate clarification of your reply if u have a second before I pay for a reading.
Thank u so very much

Hi Christy - your question was about the future not the present today..... doing another reading for the future.... and the cards are showing distant communications, loneliness, decisions to be made.... nothing stable.... pretty much the same reading as the first free one.

You don't need to pay for a reading :) next time, please ask someone about your present circumstances that we will be able to tell you what you already know.


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