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Psychics/when will i start working?


my name is anju and dob is june 16,1980. i am living in usa currently. i haven't worked for many years and this has been posing hinderance in getting myself a job. can you tell me when will i start working? i mean what month in 2015? how will i get it? who should i be connecting with or any other information that i should know at this point about my situation of unemployment?
do you see me employed even if it is temporary in spring 2015? or summer? i feel disappointed right now, don't know what to do!

many thanks for your time.

Answering this from the question pool - Prior to reading, I feel it's important to mention what's already on my profile that "I see the tarot as pictures with what's happening with your life. Ultimately whatever I see, the decision is in your hands as the tarot simply gives guidance that will resonate with how you are feeling."

Deck: Rider-Waite tarot

Tarot card: 7 of Swords - this tells you Anju that you're a bit of perfectionist when you do work, and even when you're searching for a new job! The reason you are struggling to find the 'right' job is that you're so picky about what you want and you don't want. Being disappointed right now is not going to make things better for yourself is what the cards are saying! You're only trapping yourself further into your gloom and dismal energies! Tell yourself what you want, and what you don't want - be honest with yourself about what job you can actually do, it's no point aiming so far for something when you don't even have those skills or work experience to meet it! Aim for something small, and build your way up!  


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