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Psychics/shall I stay right on my path? Is person right?


Hello Oracle Shariananda,
My question has been on my mind for some time now, I so know that life gets in the way at times and one must be patient and allow things to happen in their own time.  But I just can't get my mind and body in balance and I so need it to be.  I dwell in a world of positive thinking and I can't seem to get my partner on the same page and I feel very drained by them, any guidance would be greatly appreciated! I thought we came from similar backgrounds but am finding this not to be so true!

Carolyn, you've got a good handle on the situation. The truth is the light.
But know this, what we see in our partners from the beginning is a changing kalidioscope from day one until the first of many anniversaries, whether married, committed or just seriously dating.

Patience is exactly what it takes, and prayer, and earnest talks, whether they solve anything or not. Some situations, especially where there are years and decades between the partners, cannot be solved by talk but by repetition of one another's views until the message is understood or internalized. It does truly take patience to be heard and to hear.

It is natural to be second guessing yourself now. It is a growth indicator. You may feel you have imbued  your partner with extraordinary character traits that have devolved into ordinariness or unimpressive use. Or you may feel the beloved is shallow or immature or not spiritual enough.

These kinds of thoughts are also indicators that you too have become real. The more you see the beloved's faults and failings, their little differences from you in values and understanding, the more you have to examine yourself. You both have changed. Positive thinking and living aside.

You will find yourself making judgments, gathering evidence for a theory of the loved one's behavior, failings, missing character traits, or inability to meet you half way. This you must forgive, allow, and be patient with. True love, strong relationships take all of this variance and tolerance. It depends really on you and your fortitude. If you want the relationship, you will take it a day at a time until it naturally takes the turn it must take under heaven. Some come to a natural end.

So if you can control your thoughts and your raging emotions, if you can "elevate" and give the benefit of a doubt, do so. But if you are living in a constant state of criticism, of judgment and dissatisfaction, go ahead and start the conversation that says why it's not working and that you have lost faith in your and the beloved's ability to make it different, better, or whatever will release all that pent up unhealthy, unhappy energy.(This current cycle.)

My best advice is to take a break--if you can. One goes to live elsewhere out of range and use the time to review, rethink, and figure if you can recommit to one another--seeing clearly in the absence what works and what doesn't .You set ground rules for this time apart.

PS It is not your job to get your partner on the same page with you. It's important to be equals and blend and meld, share and release. You have some calcified beliefs and patterns, discover them and be willing to let them go in their favor. I send you my prayers for true revelation.
PS I have a similar situation right now; so know this is from the heart. Shari


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