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thank you for your time and energy in taking my question. What do you see for me?

I am on a suspension from my job. I am self supporting and need this job. Will I be returning to this position? I work at a dental school. I do feel that there are about 3 people that are ganging up on me. This all started when I returned to my job after a medical leave. What do you see for me? Any insight will be heartfelt. Thanks and God Bless.  nancy 2/16/1956

Hello Nancy, thanks for contacting me with your questions - as I connect to your energies, I can see that you're fearing the worst, but what's happening is nothing unnatural but simply a natural cycle of state of events where you're more okay than you realize, especially if you have a strong foundation within your job. Given your medical situation, you just need to ask yourself how you can bring balance to yourself, without just talking about things but not following things through with solid action. Yes there might be few folks ganging up on you, but in this case you have to be the mature one and not have those childish confrontations, but simply not take anything personally. The cards are showing something - maybe a surprise to you, examine your motivations for being in the situation you're at, was it that someone was not honest, or you were not honest or a bit of both. If you want a non-hostile working environment, snarling like a wounded dog is not going to make matters more friendlier, you have to love the working environment around you, don't seek to control it. But your fear is that the verdict has already been made, yes it has, as what's natural is the one that's taking place. It's up to you to make a decision as to where you want to go, but just understand nothing will be the same again. Everything has changed, you have to be patient.


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