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hi psychichelper!
can you please read what will be coming my way in the months of may and june in terms of a new job? i am working currently for a small IT company bit i am not happy with what i am doing there. i feel i am hugely underpaid and my skills are not at all utilized. can you read if there is something new.better/exciting coming my way in terms of a new career/job/study or anything during next 2 months or so? my dob is march 11, 1980 and my name is nina!

thank you very much for offering to read. this is very kind of you!

Hi Nina
Begin a big job search now as I see something really lucrative and exciting coming into your future. I am seeing you being offered a job with a really exciting and strong company . I can see your pay will be almost doubled by the time of 13 months from now.  


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I am back, however my work load will be smaller then normal for the time being. Please be patient.


I have had the gift my entire life. I can help you in all aspects of your life and I excel in matters of the heart.

Well this one to begin with. I am also a volunteer on some other non profit sites.

Nothing yet, But I will keep you posted.

You cannot really have educational credits when you are a medium. this picture in my profile is from this site, you can purchase it here.

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