QUESTION: First I notice that most people using psychics are very young..but a few senior citizens I know have done this, and talked me into to trying this. Because I'm at my wit's end I  feel this is something for younger people. it's about an older person.  Someone close to me.  He just turned 80 don't picture an elderly man he is handsome always was handsome, and youthful looking and was very active.  I'm not asking a medical quesion per se.  He suffered a stroke a few mos. ago and was put into re hab in a nursing home.  There are people there 5 yrs. younger than he is and look much more elderly. He can speak and his mind is still good.   I talked the physical therapists into trying therapy again since he was not too cooperative in the beginning. (naturally who wouldn't be depressed after a stroke_)now he's willing.  He is paralyzed on the left side.  or as they call it neglect. they have just started to get him to stand with a small lift ..the first day he did stand for a few seconds.  I was thrilled but they don't want to give any hope or enouragement.  So my excitement was dashed very quickly very  short lived...they want him to be able to get in and out of a car.  I said great, but can he progress beyond that like maybe be more mobile. they say they don't know not promising anything.  I just about can stand this I had hoped as I've seen others do to progress to  be more mobile, if they can do it why can't he.  I need to know if there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I've tried all kinds of things research etc.  I'm emotionally drained and I'm not sure I should hope for anything any more.  I've just about had it.  I can't see why they can't be a little more hopeful.  Some are, a couple of nurses said they think he can  be helped.  I try hard to think positive, but sometimes I think maybe the good Lord should take him.  He's too good to go through this.  His name is William and his birthday is April 23rd 1935.  Can I hope for some sort of improvement, I'm emotionally drained.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks so much and thank you for using your gift to help people.

ANSWER: hello there Jan
I understand your feelings in this matter and I am here to tell you one thing first. I am a great believer in the power of people to manifest what they wish into their life. its not always working but I find that people who are less attached to logic and reality are doing greater when it comes to mind work and can generate real miracles in it if they are tuned to do so.
William numerology suggest he is a very smart person with very liberated mind and therefore he can be awsome happy or very depressed depend what he chose to and indeed heart condition can and does cause depression not only because of the medications but also because of the trauma the body goes through. William numerology suggest also that he is in year number 8 which is the year of balance and stability and can improve his condition if he chose to believe in it first of all. also his mobility was a bit of an issue prior to the stroke and so I am not sure it has so much to do with the medical condition currently or the result of long term neglect of it. either way I have shuffled the tarot a bit to see what they say about his medical condition generally speaking and they suggests that actually his medical condition will aprove a bit more during the coming five months yet its also possible that within that time frame there will be another health crise related to the kidneys and the urine system and its not sure his health will improve later than that. I have to be very careful here as I did not see a death in his near future but I do feel this stroke was  not the last crisis event in his life this year and want you to be prepared for it. I hear your frustration in regard to the people who care for him in the nursing home but I think more patience and trying to bring relaxed attitude to him will help him better as he needs much securities now that his confidence in his own abilities is so fragile becuase of this condition. from experience I know how draining such experience can be to you if you are his care taker and so I call you to care for yourself as well and if you feel you cant attend his presence with the outmost optimist loving smiling attitude please allow yourself moments of rest away from him so you can retreave your courage and be there for him as supporter and also guard your own health in a process that can be long and hard to carry. William weather he will admit to it or not love attention , he is an open minded person if you plant a feeling of hope love happiness and most of all relaxation around him he might even surprise you with what he can achieve about his mobility and will enjoy more the coming five months in his life. there is no miracles work here in the psychic work so all I can offer is the idea that yes there will be improvment in his condition during the coming five months for sure but after that nothing is sure and that is why the doctors who are trained to stay untouched and proffesional sticking stubbornly to no promise condition. lots of it depend on his state of mind currently that is why I come with the idea that providing him positive companion is so crucial now. I wish you all the best in being there and happy for him to have you there.

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QUESTION: Inbal I thank you very much for the info.  And giving me some relief from this anxiety I've been going through. whether it happens or not, at least it helped me even if it's temporary.  So I'd like to donate something, might not be a large donation,  I'd like to mail the donation to you I don't want to use a charge card.  Can I do this?  if so provide me with an address and name and I'll send it.  thanks again.

thank you very much Jan but I am afraid donation can be done only with cards as I use my paypal account which is keeping your cards details privately you do not have to worry about something happen to it and mailing the money is a long shut as the post services here are very bad. in the case of you having issue with any cards use take that donation and donate it to any organization that help care for people and we can call it pass it forward on behalf of both of us. besides you already got your hands full of caring for others its not so crucial that you make a donation in this case.  


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