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hi shepherdress!
my name is meet and dob is feb 11.

i am working as human resources manager in a small IT/Staffing company. i am highly unsatisfied and bored from what i have been doing for past few months. i want to switch to another job but i am not able to get hold of anything despite of applying to tons of jobs lately. i don't know what to do to get myself into a better career. i have a position title of human resources manager currently but all i am doing there is working as admin. since i took sabbatical from work for many years because of  family i am not able to find a good job now even though i hold masters degree.
i feel like going to school. i have a certain inclination to learn criminal justice (i don't know why but it's very strong). i meditate, and used to mediate a lot before. and i have seen visions of myself standing up for unfortunate people and helping them out like an attorney or something. i have strong urge to get into public service and do something that could give me a platform to serve community, but i want a good career too that pays well.

i would like to know what do you see in my future career wise in next one year. i am struggling hard to switch careers but have been utterly disappointed so far. can you help guide me by making me aware of what is good for me to do and what should i expect next from my job search. will i land a good job this year? if yes, where will it come from (which industry, any details as i keep applying for jobs in different industries that could use my skills). if not this year when will i get into a job which could serve me well and use my skills in a much better way than my current boring job where my growth has been stunted.

thank you so much for reading me. i hope my long message was not bothersome! i hope to get some guidance that you feel i should be getting at this time to help myself out of this unproductive situation in my life.

Dear Meet:

I don't think going back to school is the answer at all, and working in private industry doesn't feel right, either, because you're a naturally highly competitive person.

I feel like you're going to follow your dream and work in politics in some manner, but you're going to go in through the back door, so to speak -- contact any local area of politics or public service platforms that you're drawn to, even the mayor's office, the governor, because these people need cheerleaders (for lack of a better word) who really are in it because it's MEANINGFUL to them, and a lot of people go into it just "as a job." Your passion will show, and I feel like if you contact (I keep feeling the mayor for some reason) someone, even a lobbyist, or a senator, etc., you'll get in, and you won't have to really jump through hoops or go through any long, boring interviews to get there. I see it happening very quickly, and when I say "back door," I don't mean illegally or anything with that connotation; I mean, it's like someone will hire you on the spot and will be able to skip a lot of procedural nonsense that can be completed later. I feel like you're going to impress someone (a man) to such an extent that he'll want you immediately.

Best way to go about this is to clear the table as much as you can: 1) forget school; you're well educated and don't need it; 2) don't text so much; write emails and use punctuation; 3) narrow your fields of interest down per your personal beliefs and causes that you strongly believe in, and go after those, then cross out everything but the top 3, and stick to those.

Because this is just before people are starting to get roused up election-wise, your timing is perfect. I do see you as a mayor or a person in charge of a town or city in some aspect eventually, but I think you're underestimating the money you can make by going this route and just keeping your job until you can work your way in, even as a volunteer, for a few weeks -- it won't be much longer than that. I feel you'll "know" where you're supposed to be when you get there, and someone, a male, will earnestly ask you to join their staff earlier than you think, and that money feels elastic, meaning whatever you ask for, you're likely to get. If you don't ask for enough, you won't get it. Determine your worth, and it won't shock anyone or put anyone off; they'll appreciate that you know what you're worth and do all they can to offer that -- some of it will arrive in the way of bonuses, perks, free dinners, cars, usage of cars, transportation, things like that will offset the salary, but again, it will be worth it because anything you do with passion pays you back tenfold!

Good luck, and I see you having it, no matter what!

God's Blessings,


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