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thank you for your time and energy in taking my question. What do you see for me?

I am currently unemployed, I am self supporting and need a job. I have applied to and had one interview at a dental school in my area. I have applied to the same school for another position there also, but havent heard anything in regards to that particular position.

I would really like to get a hired at this dental school for the pay and benefits.

Will i get an offer from them? Will I be an employee at this dental school? I am in the dental field.

Any insight into this matter will be heartfelt. Thanks and God Bless...Nancy Feb16, 1956

Dear Nancy,

I would hire you in a split-second because you really WANT this, and you are also a perfectionist! You can also see the big picture from afar, but hone in on details as well, and this is very rare.

I think if anything, you may be slightly intimidating:) to those more staid, everyday types, and your enthusiasm is catching, but watch people's reaction to you when you interview -- if they tend to "not pick up" on your particular channel or feel or seem deflated or tired, then they're not for you. I feel like you've seen this happen, where people literally seem to slow down your energy or seem overwhelmed by your presence, but wait - this is a good indicator that you should work ONLY where progressive, new ideas are being played out, where you're not just in a general dentist's office, but in one where the team pulls together with various and/or specialist treatments. I also see a few different colors in the office where you'll end up or be happier; it's like one wall is painted red, another wall is painted an odd but pleasing orange, and yet another one is in the yellow sphere. I also see a few toys here and there, so this may indicate children's dental surgery, with a much more "upbeat" feeling to it.

If you have your mind set on something, you can make it happen; it's up to you. But if you encounter any kind of resistance from people or a sense of deflation of any kind, it won't work, so leave that and move forward to another part of the school, another practice, another specialty. I just see you smiling a great deal and sort of jumping from this to that role, like in a smaller office, perhaps, where you wear many hats, but contribute greatly to the success of a burgeoning field in dentistry. I do feel you're at the right place but haven't quite looked hard enough at all the possibilities there; you strike me as an entrepreneur, and that means I don't think you'd be turned off totally by a job if it paid just a little less than another but was much more exciting than the other. So, in essence, I feel like you're trying too hard at too few opportunities; there are others either at this school or another like it or close by, or a "new school" or "new practice" within this school that may just be starting up. Keep your eyes on that place; a few start-ups are applying for grants and backing, etc., and I feel like that's going to be your best bet -- working with a group from the ground-up. That way, you'll be challenged every day, and you'll have a lot of opportunities to make decisions and gain expertise that you wouldn't have on an already-established practice. And those colors are important; it's something like a few accent walls, nothing crazy-looking!:)

Good luck to you, and many blessings!


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