Hello there! I just want to begin by saying how much I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question, free of charge. I'm definitely in need of guidance.

My name is darrion Cotroneo, and I've recently been forced out of a country I had called my home, and away from a man I had come to love. I'm a young blond woman, born august 19th 1992. His name is Salah Shbak, and he was born on the 18th of June, 1990. I don't know how he viewed out relationship- if it was all a joke to him anyway, or if he actually cared.  I'm just wondering if he and I will be together again (as a couple, or otherwise - if there will be some kind of reconciliation).

Thank you again, for your time and help.

Hello Darrion, thanks for contacting me with your question. As I connect to your energies, I am shuffing my Gypsy card deck, your cards are Fox and Birds, communications between you and Salah aren't good right now, it's filled with mistrust and uncertainty. It's like something's just ended, and you both know where you stand now. A reconciliation is only possible if you can honestly communicate with each other, no blamings and no mistrust. Blessings to you on your quest of self-discovery.


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