Hello Oracle Shariananda, hope you are well! My name is Rachel, female. My DOB: 2nd, January, 1985, 10:00 am, Israel, Tel Aviv. I  want to consult with you about My love life, I want to know when I'll finally have a serious and a long term relationship as I don't seem to find Mr. Right guy for many years and this issue really bothers me, I keep dating men and for some reason something always goes wrong and it never continues!
I want to know when do you predict I'll have a serious and meaningful relationship? Feel free to talk with honestly and to share with me openly all that you see! Your insights are highly appreciated and valued!

Hi Rachel, thanks for your trust and question.

You are just 30 years old. In that time you have been testing the waters of commitment and potential.
Relationships that last and which have at their base,trust and caring, take experience and maturity. You have been doing nothing wrong, except trying to push the river, that is trying to make things happen.
But each failed relationship is a contribution to your wisdom and aids you in seeing just what you want and do not want, what is right for you and what is not. It is a trial and error process, a learning curb. You are not alone, everyone one of us goes through any number of false or misleading relationships. It is biological testing. We choose the best mate based on our best selves at the time.

Right now you are thirty, but when you were 20, you had a different set of expectations, and different ideas about love. When you were 16, it was even more unrealistic or unclear because you had no idea what the bonding or loving another really meant. So, try to understand, it's not about having to have a relationship that works and which leads to marriage. it is about noticing your own process and needs.

So stop blaming yourself; stop feeling there is something wrong with what you have done and how you have been. And stop thinking that just because other relationships did not work, you are doomed to be unloved. It's just an illusion. You practice love and try to gain self knowledge, and when it doesn't work out, you feel the pain, take time to heal, and move on. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

Now, I shall tell you what is coming--no one right now because you are in despair. You are still healing from your most recent break-up. You also are down on yourself about what you did wrong or what you don't have to attract and keep a partner. This kind of thinking is negative and self-defeating. It is not right. It is a false path. So. let's set you right.

Make a list of the following ideal and practical traits you want your next man to have.
Physical: height,health,abilities,weight, able-bodied,healthy, nice-looking, has hair,no glasses
Mental:smart, thoughtful, open, fair, good thinker,
Employment:laborer, blue collar, well-educated, physical, artistic,engineer, manager,
Talents:handyman,plays music instrument,sings, acts, directs,cooks,sews,writes,teaches....
Habits:wipes his feet of dirt or debris on coming in, lets the toilet top back down after use, wakes up and exercises daily, runs, ;volunteers to help others,includes you in his plans, thinks in terms of you two not just his way, picks his nose, eats with mouth open, good with money, banks, saves...
Loving Ways...touches you just as you like or is responsive to your moods and hints, remembers your anniversaries and birthday, like movies or dancing with you,...whatever is important--be sure to include
Likes and Dislikes:get up early? animals? children? politics? reading? sports? sex? drinking?(These must match your own desires, likes and dislikes--so think about your own needs first)

So, your job is to design your man. Think on these categories and write what you want down. You may add things, but make sure whatever you say you want, that it matches your own personality and habits.
It may even be a good idea to do an analysis of your own self so you can see what you are asking for. Remember, with this focus, you draw the right man to you, not wait for some or nay old man to find you and love you.

After you have written down your desires regarding the "right" man for you, then put it under your pillow. Read it each night before you sleep. This way you dream him into being. You are free to add and change the list as needed(you may see that you are not willing to be the way you want him to be), but try to get a permanent list. Soon maybe in about 90 days, new men or interested men will start to appear. Each will have something of what you have asked for. Check them out, take the one who has the most or take the one you feel strongest about. It will take time, but your atttitude and hurry will be changed. This is your creation not his assessment and loyalty to you.  This is how I got my true love. It took 10 years, but in the meanwhile, I dated some awesome others. Let the good times roll! Remember you are learning and growing all the while. When you finally meet Mr Right, you will know it in a heartbeat for you created him and heaven will have directed his steps to your door. Good luck, Rachel. I know you will find love if you do this work. Shari


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