Im vanna 5- 11-84 / When will i met my next boyfriend?

Dear Vanna,

You'll meet your next boyfriend as soon as you allow yourself to really let go of the one just before or the one before that; there's a lot of negativity attached to someone, like a grudge you're holding on to, and it's preventing you from meeting others. It's like there's a force field around you that other men pick up on and won't approach you because you're still carrying some "leftovers" from a previous experience. Until you let that grievance or grudge go, you'll only project it onto another person, and I have the name Nathan or Nate or Na- something, and I see basketball courts, but on TV, and I see / hear "upstate" whatever that means.

The time table for when you meet this person (also have a letter B, first or last initial, a tattoo, something that "stands for" this person) depends on you; time doesn't exist in spirit, so I can only give you what I get from you as I write now. Time is eternally in the present, in spirit, so that's why it's very hard to nail down something like, "Next November, etc." They don't understand!:) There are no calendars in that sphere!:)

Let go of this baggage and let yourself be open to others; then, you'll find relief and a sense of carrying a lighter load. Feels too heavy around you right now, too soon to add on someone else because a previous person is still in your energy.

Hope this helps - God's Blessings,


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