hi my name is christina birthday may 12 1974 my question is will i meet my husband in the near future or more down the road ty

Dear Christina,

Happy Belated Birthday, but oh, I feel your self-esteem is low! I feel you're not giving yourself enough credit and even setting your goals lower than you should because you are afraid of failure or disappointment in love. This is not the case; you are sabotaging yourself!:) You're also not being quite "bold" enough -- put your feelings out there for people to "catch" them.

Love, true love, will come to you through friends. I have no doubt. It feels almost 100 percent that you will first be good friends on a casual- to deep level before you even THINK of this person as someone you love, and I feel like you have several different groups of friends, some who don't know each other, etc.

Look around; who is already there? Who is Richard or a last name like Richards or Richardson or some variation -- or Robert and a variation there? It's someone with a piano, or you play piano, but it feels like a piano is sitting in a darkened room, sort of half-forgotten, and I don't know for sure but this might be someone you used to be in a group of friends with; you either already know this person or you used to know him previously, and he's still sort of "around." I really don't feel you're too off the mark; I feel you with your eyes closed to things, almost, again, as if to shield yourself from pain, but nothing is as painful as you imagine -- or at all. This could also be someone you never, ever would have thought of as a long-term boyfriend or a husband, but you've dreamed of him, I think.. somewhere in your subconscious, you know who this is, and I also hear Dennis but that's farther away, more at a begins with a "hard consonant sound," not a vowel. Horses? A calendar of horses, horse photos? What's that?

Also a lot of talking, talking, is here: you feel like a Gemini or a Pisces, someone who needs answers to deep questions, and I feel like you wish you could just "interview" people, particularly those men you're interested in. You're funny, but you can be sarcastic, and I feel like you laugh to cover your nerves. When this happens, you'll start throwing barbs at people without realizing it.

Part of this is that you're taking this issue too seriously; focus is always a good thing, but you're kind of digging where there's no more dirt, and you have to stand farther back to see other fertile land. Get a more objective picture. Before you go to sleep, "wee yourself" as if you're watching yourself in a movie; redo the parts where your direction feels off, and watch who comes toward you.

I really feel like this isn't something far, far away, but I don't feel like you'll finish taking stock of your life as it is now until around December this year; I feel like this is the year you'll get to be dreamy, really look within, and then by July next year, I feel like you'll certainly be ready to move forward with someone who is already in your group of friends (and really, don't cancel anyone out) or who has just joined or will join soon. It's almost time, and I feel you already sense this. It's an exciting time, because while you won't necessarily get married as soon as next year, you'll know who this person definitely is by July next year and then move ahead with patience and relaxation. Stop feeling as though you need to rush into it. I also feel he's a Sagittarius or someone with the Moon or Ascendant in that sign.

You'll have mood swings and some frustration this year, but that's honestly a good sign because your brain is trying to re-orient itself to new possibilities, places, people, things, all of it. A new chapter. Expect happiness, play that movie in your mind, and you will discover who this person is; it feels almost like a treasure hunt, and things like this should be fun, anyway!

Good luck and God's Blessings,


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