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Hi,you said  to give you the correct  birthdate which is sept. 7, 1984. This regarding my true love question a few days ago. Thank you

Dear Karim,

I sent you a "thank-you" email as soon as I saw your answer the day before yesterday, and I wrote several paragraphs. I've contacted technical support to try to get them to find this in the system, because you likely haven't received it by now, and I don't save my answers, and it's not showing up in my answer queue. I had a lot of information, and now I've lost it! I'll get back to you with an answer even if I have to do it all over again, but am hoping tech support will find it for me. It was all good! It also dealt with your career, family, and other things.

I do apologise because I don't know what happened to the answer I sent. Maybe check your spam box? If I don't hear back from you, I'll rewrite the answer.


24 MAY 2016

Dear Karim,

I truly apologise for this delay. I have been waiting to get word from tech support here at, but haven't heard, and I don't want to keep you waiting so will try to recall what I wrote; it's difficult to remember details but I'll do the best I can!

I honestly sent you a follow-up because I saw that you had written (before this) to verify your birth date. They give us these options to answer when we get follow-ups:

Revise answer (Questioner will be notified again and the answer will be republished).
Email me a copy of this Q&A.
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I ticked the last "Send the questioner a message" box, and I promise it went! But now I can't see it, either. I'm truly sorry for all this waiting.

Now I must calm down so I can be in a place of peace to do your reading!:) I get distraught when things and/or people do not respond as they should or when they or something is out of order, lagging behind, etc.

AND that is part of what I said about you -- I just jogged my own memory!

I recall I said that most of last year you felt worried, very wound up, like a coil of energy unable to release, and that it extended not only to your love life but also your career/work life, family, and just everyday feelings of being pent-up and anxious.

I felt you're a loner, just prefer being on your own than around lots of people. Again, I feel like this was more present last year than it has been this year, as you've turned a corner and may have even started getting feelings/signs that this is a good year for meeting someone, and it is.

Regarding love, again with the royalty-related names, and this could be whatever "royalty" means to you; even extend "royal" names to addresses, names of buildings, places, where you will meet this person.

This year you won't struggle to be understood as much as last year; communication feels clearer, and it's a  feeling of contentment, when love is the easiest to attract and keep. It's a "sit back and rest" period, like a complete reversal of last year, in general, with your family and at home.

This has been part of your problem finding love: You're working too hard, too obsessively, almost, trying to look for someone, and you're too focused and can't relax, which means you wouldn't be able to see the person if she walked right in front of you because you're TOO focused, if that makes sense...I don't feel you're going to "find" someone, but that she will approach you, but not in a forthright manner, just that you will meet someone as you go about your life, and shut down/lower this feeling of needing to find someone, and when you do, she will appear. That's why I say, "sit back and relax" because this year has that kind of vibe to it with you; you also worry about your health too much in the sense that you can create problems that you suspect are there, but aren't, and then you go over it so many times, it appears! Do you see how you do the same thing to keep love away from you? You're bringing in the negative aspect by too much worry and attention to a certain thing. When you give it so much of this pent-up, coiled-up energy, it doesn't have room to breathe, and your worst fears will become real instead of your best hopes.

I don't feel like you are happy in career, either, and it's partially to do with family in some way; you're listening to others' advice and have followed a path that is not entirely what you wanted...when you were a child, recall what you enjoyed doing the most, three things, right now. What things did you do that occupied most of your time? Three things. What were the most fun? I don't care if it was digging in the dirt with a stick, put that down if that was it. These are your clues, these hold your answers to what you want in career, only you've been talked out of something once the "older child-mind" took over and started listening to adults.

I've a feeling you would be a good copper, detective, security person, someone who works on watching people, figuring out mysteries, detection, something to do with the law, attending to the law and adhering to it and keeping others in line. Did you play cops and robbers or something, or like to look for secrets, or do adventure hunts? This is research and it's also about verifying right from wrong, and I feel like you're going into a new career...which is where you'll meet this person, I have a letter D and a word sounds like Diana but isn't, sounds out like Diana or Dinah, but it could be a second, or middle name.

Now don't go looking on the internet for anyone with a royal-sounding name or address or handle or everyone named Dinah; that's not what's meant to happen -- she's to come to you, but only after you've settled your career. I may be off on the police career but feel that's one of the things you liked to do as a child. If you don't put those things to work, at least one or two of them, you won't feel quite right. You knew at a very early age what suited you best, so recall that and stick to it and find ways to do much the same thing by adapting it to a job that pays you.

I wish I could remember more, but this is all that comes to me, and I can't pull much else from your energy; you're one to keep feelings inside, not very "open," I'd say, and maybe that's why I have a harder time trying to establish a link, but that's what I'm getting. As soon as you back off and lift your pressure off the accelerator, you'll relax, and you'll naturally "send" someone your way. It does happen this year, toward the end of the year, and you may not "recognize" her at first; she may not be someone you're attracted to immediately. Prepare for this to creep up on you, and please do try to lessen your inner tensions. You're just so wound up, and it's only causing constriction in all areas.

I hope this helps!

God's Blessings,


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