Hi my name is davy my birthday is June 5 1982 my question is in regards my ex. His name is vic date of birth is 9/6/82. I want to know if we both will be at peace with each other. I know he hates me I feel that he will never forgive me. I don't know why he hates me when it was him that cheated.  I just want to be able to communicate wit him because of our kids but I feel that he is full of anger and I don't know why.

Hello Davy, thanks for contacting me with your question. As I connect to your energies, I am shuffing my Gypsy card deck, your cards are Tree and Lady - the cards are saying yes you need financial support for the kids, so keep the lines of communication open, he doesn't have to love you to support you. Just don't ask anything of him for yourself emotionally, let him go in that aspect, and then he will feel the pressure lift of from him. Blessings to you on your quest of self-love.


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