Here is my question:
I'm thinking about moving abroad permanently, many countries on my mind but i'm not fixed yet, I would like to know if you have any idea about where  will I go  to and when this will happen. My  name is Perpétue, born on November 16,1991.
Thank you

Dear Perpétue,

Thank you for writing. You strike me as a very wise person, almost so wise as to belie your years, and to the extent that you can seem aloof to others your age, but it's only because you think with much more from a philosophical and spiritual sense than others.

Regarding your move, which I feel you WILL make, almost at once I heard "Australia" and other countries/even island nations that begin with an "A" like Antigua, Aruba, etc. You're either a researcher or someone who can find work of an independent nature, meaning that wherever you go, you won't have to ever worry about finances because you'll always be able to work doing some sort of research or writing independently -- not confining yourself to a certain business or shop, etc. That's much too claustrophobic for you.

I feel also that you'll make a move to (I think it's going to be Australia, if you haven't already looked into that) a certain place where you will have already established some kind of contact with an acquaintance or a group; you won't go somewhere to STAY unless you have a like-minded person or people around you, and it feels like you're in a position now to be in contact with others of various countries, like an online pen pal situation or interest group.

You're also very decisive, and once you make up your mind, it's like snap, you're going. Time is of no consequence; you could be prepared to leave as soon as next month, or, if it feels better to your internal compass, you could wait until December, but I don't feel you'll wait until next year. This is the year to go. Also I feel you'll go where two languages are spoken, even if it's a smaller place. I'm going toward a warmer, more tropical climate for certain. Any interests you may have in Northern or Western Europe will be holiday-makers and trips for fun or vacation. There, too, you'll have the ability to pick up another language. You're almost set; it feels like the "A" is very strong in whatever country this is -- I don't get any other letter. Also, consider the "A" in countries that may not BEGIN with an A, but, for example, you move to the US, and you settle on "Arkansas," though that IS just an example, and I certainly don't feel you in that area at all!

Good luck, and always listen to your instincts; they will never steer you the wrong way. You will accomplish quite a lot in life and have few regrets.

God's Blessings,


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