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QUESTION: Hello there!
I am honored to be able to ask you this question. I will try to keep it short and simple.
I have always been a very spiritually open person. I believe myself to be very sensitive, although I do not have "a handle" on my feelings. Sometimes I just know things, but, I do not know WHY I know a particular thing or WHAT I am supposed to do with what I know. I feel energy around me all the time and the fluctuations within it, from one moment to the next, from one setting to the next. Because of this, I tend to be an emotional wreck at times. I try talking myself down and I try my best to stay conscious of the fact that what I'm feeling might not actually be mine. I passionately and tirelessly seek my purpose here. I'm a 37 year old mother of three beautiful girls and my life is full of serendipitous moments. My question is this; with all this sensitivity, with all this "knowing", why am I so stuck? In matters of positive movement forward, I always feel as though I'm running against a brick wall. I often wonder if I am unknowingly holding MYSELF back. I don't know why I would, obviously, has crossed my mind. Is there hope for me? How can I keep my mind (which never shuts off and seems to run in a million different directions at once) focused (I've tried meditation, it's so hard for me) and working FOR me? Do I have guides willing to help. I know this is a million questions, I apologize. There is so much I wish to know and I am willing to put the work in to help MYSELF. I want the very best for my girls...I know there's got to be something wonderful in store for us, if only I could tap into divine help and guidance.
Thank you so kindly in advance for any input you can give.

ANSWER: Jessica---be blessed and know that God (Heaven, the Universe) never gives us more than we can bear.You've heard that before. Then hear it now.

You are mixing two or three tracks together, and you need to see each as it's own means to an end, each as separate and manageable because you can make distinctions. That you were able to describe your situation to me, tells me you are capable of sorting and assigning time and attention to the various energeic demands of your life.

Let's start with your children, as they must come first, and since you mentioned them at first and last, then I suspect, you can allow their needs to come first. If they are not yet teens, then your job and direction is clear--raise them, teach them with no consideration for your psychic sensitivities. Where you are informed by dreams or intuition regarding them, trust that dream or intuitive knowing, and make your decisions based on that. Nothing else. Otherwise, do not be lured or distracted by the fact that you are gifted. It will in the end take care of itself. Do not impose your confusions or doubts experiences on them. Share when you are stronger and clearer and they are mature enough to understand.

Second, no blame or error, but your giving birth, re-charted the advent of your psychic potential and choice. You may have made an extraordinary world seer and a trusted adjunct to the police or international affairs. You may have just become the neighborhood spiritual adviser. You may yet evolve into that. It is not out of the question--but I am surprised that you have done so little research on your gifts. There is purpose here and you have come to earth to serve that purpose. You placement in the world is purposeful and your awakening to the presence of your own gifts as they grow and make themselves felt is as it should be.Start reading about other sensitives and their work. Read up on dreams, clairvoyance and life after death(reincarnation), channeling and telepathy.

The fact is, the earth is undergoing a tremendous transition and the current terror and disaster, disease, and environmental disruptions are a part of it. We are headed toward a new earth and a new heaven. You are one of the people meant to be here to  help, and you must find a place for yourself.That place may not be apparent until after your girls are grown and away. Meanwhile,try to go to more psychic fairs and meet people) You need peers and comrades You need time for yourself. You must study too.

The third thing. You say you have trouble meditating. This makes me wonder what kind of meditating you are doing. If is Transcendental, it is fine, but if it's the kind where you have do chakra visualizations every time or chant at length, work every time, or Will your Mind away from thought or work to follow your breath or thoughts, it may not serve you well.Too much mind, not  enough openness to the Voice of the Holy Spirit.  All you need is 20-30 minutes of silence twice a day. You need the silence of your being. You need to sit with your thoughts and let them teach you. There is wisdom in silence, there is direction in silence, and there is peace. It does not stand to reason that you are so anxious and distressed by your gifts. That tells me you are not relying on silence to take you to the deep places of peace (calm knowing). Your guidance and understanding must connected (as a tree to earth). This an image to carry with you into the space of your silence. In time(and it took me 20 years to finally settle into my healing and knowing) your guides or even deceased relatives,who want to help and direct you) will be old friends that you can sense and recognize when they speak or nudge you. Know that you are not alone--ever. (But I suspect you know this already).

So settle down. Recommit yourself to the Holy Spirit. Trust your religious teachings, take from them what any part that strengthens you, and keep your spiritual journey to yourself. Let your Light unfold, let the gifts teach you when they are to be used for the benefit of others. There is nothing to fear. Think about how it must have surprised Jesus to learn that he was the Son of God, the essence of God, on earth?!!
Yet he had to keep being a part of his community and family--as Spirit allowed--. He had to keep going to synagogue and eating and working. He balanced by meditating. By going apart and listening to what he was told. Meanwhile, he let it day and his ideals direct his actions. This you can do too. Just keep them separate to reduce your anxiety. And for God's sake(and that of those whom you would assure and bless) meditate in silence. Your sister--S     
You may want to buy one or more of these oracle decks on Amazon. They can help you focus for each day and build an inner library of images that are there when needed:Ascended Mastesr Oracle cards(Doreen Virtue), Tatania's Oracle cards, The Answer is Simple--oracle cards(Sonia Choquette.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Many thanks!
This was such a wonderful thing to wake up to. And on a sunny day, no less! Times are very stressful at the present moment, but, things like your response to me, just validate what I already know deep down inside; Everything WILL be okay :-)

Having said that, I've added you as a friend on FB. Is there anywhere else I can find you? Do you offer paid services or perhaps offer mentoring? I've got a million and one questions (probably more). There are very distinct changes taking place in and around me, so, a little insight would be very comforting.

You hit the nail on the head with many remarks in your reply to me. I never feel alone, but, deciphering between the whos and the whats is not an easy task for me. My children come first in all things. They are constantly in the forefront as I make life decisions. Thank you for knowing that. And that you for seeming to recognize just how important alone time is for me. Although pure silence is literally too LOUD for me (yes, I can hear silence and it's too much at times, so, I must leave a fan running or some other noisy thing), alone time is what I prefer and I do not get nearly enough of it.

Again, thank you. You are thoroughly appreciated!!

Much love,


Jessica--You are a doll! Thanks for you the interest to work with me and know more about me.
First, you can get a lot of insights from my many vidoes on YouTube. Just check out either of my channels:
Oracle Shariananda pr shariananda oracle.

Also I have a blog at Word Press.Com  Just input Oracle Shariananda or Sdiane AdamzBogus.
I do paid readings online via Skype. They cost $150.00 per 15 minutes. I can give you my account and you can deposit ahead of time. Soon I will have an online booking service and that can make it easier.

If you want to work with me in learning to use your gifts, then we can work out a teaching/learning routine set just for you. We can decide on the curriculum, but those subjects I suggested to you are a
few of my strong areas.

I'd love to teach you to read cards, use telepathy and to how to merge with the silence no matter how loud you feel it is. It is very important to be able to surrender to the ineffable voice of Spirit.

You can Google search me as S. Diane Bogus   SDiane Adamz Bogus  and Diane Bogus.
I have books on Amazon, but they are mostly poetry and one text book. I am a scholar so I write academic tracts too.

I live in Denmark. So it may be a task to work phone calls, as I am  7-9 hours ahead of you. When it's day there, it  is night here.  


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